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Can I filter content about hate and criminal behavior?

Filtering Content Related to Hate and Criminal Behavior

Good internet filtering software will also help you block websites that support discrimination and crime. There are sites out there that endorse illegal activities like bomb making instruction, hacker websites, breaking in to homes or other secure places, and manufacturing counterfeit money. You can also use internet filters to block sites that are racially discriminatory and endorse hate crimes or discriminatory behavior.

What can an internet report show me?

Internet Filter Reporting

One way to supervise the computer use in your home is to install an internet filter and then to review the reporting it provides. These internet filtering reports, which should be tamper proof, offer a glimpse of the sites being blocked and why. It will also show you any sites that users attempted to view and were blocked. It will show the percentage of time spent on various sites and will show you a snapshot of the "types" of websites your family is visiting the most.

What are some of the filtering criteria offered by internet filtering?

Filtering Criteria

When looking for an internet filtering software you should look for a product that has flexible criteria that meet your needs. There is software out there that can block all or some of the following content and/or websites:

*Alternative Lifestyles
*R Rated Sites
*Offensive Humor
*Personals and Dating
*Web based proxies (used frequently by hackers)
*Web Site Clubs, Groups and Profiles

Can internet filtering block good or informational websites?

Internet Filtering is Not Perfect

Its important to remember when you are installing internet filters that some good or informational sites may be blocked from view. For instance if you have an internet filter on your computer, your young student might not be able to access a site about breast cancer because it uses the term, "breast." Of course, there are many other ways to conduct research on a topic and for the most part, your internet filtering software will merely prevent your child from seeing sites that might be potentially damaging or dangerous.

Can I filter internet content about drugs and alcohol?

Filtered Content - Alcohol and Drugs

Internet Filtering software companies often offer a block or filter on sites that are related to drugs and alcohol. The internet filter will target websites that promote the use of alcohol recreationally. These could be online liquor stores, beer and alcohol companies or bartender sites. The filters will also block out sites that encourage illegal drug use or sites that promote the sale or growth of illegal drugs.

What is an internet filter?

What is an Internet Filter?

An internet filter program or service does exactly what it says - it filters your internet content according to your selected parameters.

The internet makes all information available to everyone, even when it is dangerous or inappropriate. Therefore, younger children and impressionable teenagers have access to more and more of this information without the benefit of adult direction and explanation.

Internet filtering has become more and more attractive to parents and schools and helps you, as a parent, guardian or teacher, introduce your child or teenager to the world and its potential perils in a more appropriate way.

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