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What is spyware and how do I stop it?

Spyware vs. Scumware

Spyware has become increasingly controversial and increasingly popular, as developers of spyware software struggle to find a way to support themselves. Of late, spyware has been getting increasingly intrusive; some people call these more aggressive programs scumware. Scumware may change your default home page without telling you, or may even intervene when you're making a purchase online and redirect you to a different site. Spyware blockers are now being added to most internet security programs and internet security "suites" at a very reasonable cost.

What is spyware and how do I stop it?

The Battle: Spyware vs. Spyware Blockers

It's tough enough sometimes to figure out where you picked up that spyware, but have you ever wondered who planted that digital parasite? It's likely a college student, just making a few bucks spreading pop-up ads that contain a package unwelcome by many. And it's a growing industry. Fortunately, so the development of spyware blockers and internet filters is also growing. Unfortunately, as blockers grow in complexity, so will the spyware programs. Purchasing a low cost internet safety package, which comes with updates and improvements will ensure that your computer is always ready for the next wave of spyware innovation.

What is spyware and how do I stop it?

Firewall Software

Some Spyware can be classified as Adware, sneaky software running on your computer which may show pop-up ads that appear as if they came from a web site. Such pop-ups may be targeted based on your Web browsing history, search engine usage and possibly your online buying habits. Most spyware can be blocked from communicating with its “home” using spyware blockers and firewall software, but if it remains on your computer, it continues to run and use valuable resources.

How can a firewall protect my computer?

Firewall Software and Spyware

Even if your system is infected with spyware, a good firewall can prevent the spyware from transmitting the data it collects back to the people who are using it. Of course, this still means that the spyware is on your system, using your computer's resources and capacity and potentially reducing its performance. You should run consistent checks on your pc to ensure that no programs are running without your knowledge. There are also legitimate spyware detector programs available but make sure you are purchasing such a program from a reputable software company and not one of those who run scam pop up ads!

What is spyware and how do I stop it?

Is Spyware Legal?

Is Spyware illegal? Even though the name may indicate so, Spyware is not an illegal type of software in any way. However there are certain issues that a privacy oriented user may object to and therefore prefer not to use the product. This usually involves the tracking and sending of data and statistics via a server installed on the user's PC and the use of your Internet connection in the background. If this is the kind of information transfer you want to avoid, you should look into a spyware blocker to protect yourself and your information security.

What is spyware and how do I stop it?

Internet History Files

There is so much data about you in your internet history and on your pc that may not even know about! Spyware or anyone with access to your PC can learn a lot by looking at ‘history' files that contain records of your computer or Internet activity. Special internet security software exists to delete old history files and thus deny spyware access to this information.

What is spyware and how do I stop it?

Spyware and Legitimate Computer Programs

Blocking spyware is complicated by the fact that "spyware-like" activity can be part of legitimate programs. Opera and Eudora can be used without paying any cash... if you agree to allowing some very modest space on your screen to be used for advertising. If you want to get rid of the ads, you just have to pay for the software. A spyware blocker will probably notice the activity. You will then say "That's okay, I know about that one, and want to permit it."

What is spyware and how do I stop it?

What is Spyware?

Spyware is a category of software that monitors your computer and Internet activities, often without first obtaining your full knowledge or consent. There are many degrees of Spyware, ranging from covert, invisible software that is installed on a computer by anyone wishing to spy on someone else, to the remotely-installed Spyware, which may be installed along with freeware or music sharing software. Most spyware can be blocked from communicating with its “home” using spyware blockers and firewall software.

What is spyware and how do I stop it?

What is a Web Bug?

Web bugs are surprisingly common. The Cyveillance technology and analysis company found that their use grew nearly 500% between 1998 and 2001. Web bugs can send the following information back to a server: The IP address of your computer, the URL of the page on which the web bug is located, so they know that you visited the page, the time the web bug was viewed, so they know exactly when you visited the page, the URL of the web bug image, or the type of browser that you have. Web bugs are just one more reason why internet filter and spyware blocker software is essential.

What is spyware and how do I stop it?

Web Bugs

Web bugs are one of the more pernicious ways your online activities can be tracked, no matter which browser you're using. Sometimes, the web site the bugs send information to isn't the one that contains the web bug; for example, they may send information back to an online advertising network. Web bugs are just one more reason why internet filter and spyware blocker software is essential.

What is spyware and how do I stop it?

The Data on Spyware

The people distributing the links for spyware downloads are paid about 15 cents every time an unsuspecting surfer clicks on their misleading bait. These spyware foot soldiers sign up and post fake ads, saying things like 'to see my picture click here.' Then when someone clicks, it tells them they have to download software to see the pictures. But the user downloads no pictures; instead, they get the greeting, "Come back later to see my photo." The ad is bogus, but the contamination of the computer is real. Make sure you have up-to-date spyware blockers on your system

What is spyware and how do I stop it?

Adware and Spyware

Adware is similar to spyware. Adware offers varying degrees of annoyance. Some adware merely delivers a small ad banner in a program's interface, such as the ad displayed in ICQ. Other types of adware launch pop-up browser windows over pages you're currently viewing. The worst kind of spyware gathers personal data about you and sends it to a central server. You can prevent this with a good spyware blocker and personal firewall software.

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