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How can I protect myself from viruses and Trojan horse programs?

Common Sense Computer Security

We all want easy solutions to our internet and computer security. The easiest thing you can do to ensure that you don't lose all of your precious computer data is as old as computers themselves - make a backup copy. This is just a common sense, but so few people take a few minutes each month to back up their computer. Some viruses and Trojan horse programs will erase or corrupt files on your hard drive, and a recent backup may be the only way to recover your data and ensure data security. Additionally, if you have a power failure or surge and your surge protector fails, your hard drive make be fried and everything lost. Do yourself a favor, back up those files and maintain your information security!

What are computer viruses and how do they work?

Computer Viruses

When planning your strategy for backing up data (and you should back up your data regularly), always make sure you have a way to restore the information from your backup to the main system, that doesn't involve using the backup itself. It's an important part of data security and information security. If your restoration program is saved as part of your backup copy, you might not be able to restore your data in a crisis - because to do the restoration, you need the software that has to be restored. It becomes a 'catch-22' situation. Usually, having the installation disks for your backup program will prevent the 'catch-22'.

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