Laws Against Spam Emails

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What anti-spam laws exist?

Laws Against Spam Emails

The Texas state legislature passed a law in June 2003 requiring that unsolicited commercial e-mail messages include a label ("ADV:" or "ADV: ADULT ADVERTISEMENT") at the beginning of the subject line, and a functioning return e-mail address for opt-out requests, which must be honored. These unsolicited commercial email messages are also known as "spam." The law passes does not prevent spam from coming to your home computer but it does prohibit unsolicited commercial messages with falsified routing information. False, deceptive, or misleading subject lines are also prohibited in all spam e-mail messages, as is the unauthorized use of a third party's domain name. But since these messages can be sent from places without anti-spamming laws, you will still need spam email filters and spam blocker software for your email accounts.



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