Keeping Computer Viruses Out

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How can I protect myself from viruses and Trojan horse programs?

Keeping Computer Viruses Out

Virus programmers and makers of internet security anti-virus software are in a constant battle for supremacy. Current virus have grown quite sophisticated. A multipartite virus is a virus composed of several parts. Every part of a multipartite virus needs to be cleaned away, to give assurance of non-infection. A polymorphic virus changes itself (mutates) as it passes through host files, making disinfection a serious challenge. Then there are Stealth viruses that hides themselves by intercepting disk access requests. When an internet security software anti-virus program tries to read files or boot sectors to find the virus, the stealth virus feeds the anti-virus program a clean image of file or boot sector. To make sure you have maximum protection, you need virus software that is frequently updated to track and remove the latest viruses.



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